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We are a full-service dive company, with a number of specialities.


skindiver1.jpgScuba Certification Courses and Prices

  • Discover Scuba Diving:  A two (2) hour pool only session introducing you to the joy of diving. $ 50.00 per person.   
  • Open Water Diver:  The initial certification level for scuba divers and your ticket to adventure. $  349.00 per person.  
  • Advanced Open Water Diver:  Enhance your dive skills as an Advanced Open Water Diver. $ 229.00 per person.   
  • Specialty Certifications:  We offer a variety of specialty diver courses to meet your needs. $ 125.00 per person.     
  • Rescue Diver: Learn to assist other divers and be a better diver in the process. $ 349.00 per person.                         
  • Dive Master: The first professional level certification.  The ocean can be your office. $ 550.00.


Emergency First Response

  • CPR and First Aid for Adults: Get certified in CPR and First Aid for home and work needs. $ 50.00 incl. materials  
  • CPR and First Aid for Children:  Certification level for CPR and First Aid for infants and chilren.  $ 50.00 incl. materials 
  • CPR and First Aid for Adults and Children:  A combined course with both certification levels.  $ 65.00 incl. materals 

Class Scheduling

  • Contact us to schedule your Scuba or EFR course today.  We will work with you to schedule the most convenient dates and times to meet your schedule.  We offer private or semi-private courses for a slighty increased price for discerning clients.  Call or email us for details.